About us

We care deeply about democracy and its power to make our country a good place for everyone.

Democracy in Action is an inclusive organisation, involving people with diverse backgrounds, views and experiences. We are non-partisan; our focus is on exploring factual, evidence-based information about a variety of subjects that are topical and relevant. Our aim is to improve our democracy by building stronger communities of better informed and more engaged citizens who are more empowered to hold our elected representatives to account.

We will explore each topic using a series of activities and events, with our core values being at the centre.

Research and briefings

Our team of specialists will research each subject, including information on government policy and evidence of what works from elsewhere. Prior to the talks, a briefing pack will be made available via this website and our mailing list.

Talks and Roundtable discussions

For each topic, we will hold an event with three or four short talks from subject matter experts (roughly 15 minutes each). The talks themselves will be held in a different location across the UK (initially in Yorkshire), but will be available online and via live relay to other participating locations.

After each of these talks, you’ll be able to take part in a discussion or other engagement activity, hosted by your local Democracy in Action network. Discussions will be independently chaired and an expert will usually be available to assist if needed.

 ‘Question Time’ meetings

After the talks/discussions, your local network will organise a public meeting with a panel of guests. This panel will usually include local MPs, councillors and community leaders, enabling the audience to question them on the subject matter and other relevant issues.

Media engagement

We will be using social, broadcast and mainstream media to encourage people to take part in our activities and support Democracy in Action. We’ll also provide a media pack for local teams, to support them in reaching out via these channels if they wish to do so.

Educational outreach

We will provide an education pack after each cycle of events via this website, suitable for delivery to a senior school or college group. This will include an edited video of the talks, an information sheet / pack that summarises the research, and a lesson plan.

Local organisers

Please contact us if you’re interested in organising and hosting an event. We’ll provide a toolkit on this website, containing all the information you need to make this a success in your local area.

Wider national involvement

Although the 2020 pilot is taking place in Yorkshire and the Humber, we would encourage groups from across the UK (or even further afield) to join in. The talks, research, educational input and toolkits will be available via our website to download.


Each person, group or organisation taking part in the pilot will do so on the understanding that they are participating in an evaluated trial and will be invited to provide feedback. Groups that choose to take part outside the pilot area will also be encouraged to provide feedback.

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