Laying the foundations for a more honest, fair, inclusive society – and a democracy that works for everyone

Democracy in Action is a grassroots programme that combines knowledge sharing with political accountability and community engagement.

It is a continuous cycle of exploration, event and engagement action to:

Expand our knowledge and understanding of often complex issues

Hold our politicians to account

Strengthen our community network and bonds

Over the last few years, people have become more engaged in domestic and international politics. Our passion for the future of our country has both divided and united us. The UK’s exit from the European Union will be a catalyst for significant change. We live in interesting times and as the next few years unfold, we will discover much about ourselves as a country and as individuals. There has never been a better time to become involved in politics – national and international – at a local level.

Yorkshire and Humber Pilot

Democracy in Action will initially run as a pilot project in 2020. Each cycle of events will include ‘TED-style’ talks, facilitated discussions and ‘Question Time’ panel meetings. The talks will be held in Yorkshire and the Humber, but will be available via live relay online and to multiple locations across the country.

Our first three subjects will be:

Healthcare – the pros and cons of opening up the NHS to private companies

Fishing and UK/EU trade negotiations – licences, quotas and practice

Fake news and info wars: learning the lessons from Finland

Let’s keep the passion for politics alive and develop stronger communities and a better-informed electorate that will be more able to hold our elected representatives to account.

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